Eric D. Britton

Partner, Tax & Benefits Practice Co-Administrator

Eric has more than 30 years’ experience handling all aspects of employee benefits, executive compensation, Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA), and tax compliance for both large and small clients. He delivers practical advice to his clients, offering them real-world solutions to often technical situations involving the integration of benefit plans, legal compliance, compensation programs and retirement plans.

Publicly traded and privately held companies also look to Eric for counsel with respect to stock options and other equity awards, executive compensation issues, and benefit issues in a variety of corporate transactions. He has substantial experience in Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs) and working with cooperatives (including agricultural, retail, and worker cooperatives).

When he’s not working or entertaining his colleagues and clients, Eric can be found participating in social and political activism and outdoor recreation, such as kayaking, backpacking, and visiting glaciers and brew-pubs.

  • Designed equity compensation plan for executives and scientists employed by for-profit subsidiary of tax-exempt health care system.
  • Termination of collectively bargained retiree health Voluntary Employees Beneficiary Association Plans (VEBAs) and transfers of remaining assets to independent VEBA.
  • Design and implementation of ESOP as succession plan for multi-state engineering firm.
  • Conversion of successful industrial chemistry firm into worker cooperative, with staged buyout of former owner.
  • Represented employee buyout committee in leveraged ESOP buyout of debtor-in-possession in Chapter 11 bankruptcy reorganization.
  • Obtained VCP compliance statements for multiple complex operational defects in defined benefit pension plans of publicly traded manufacturing firm.
  • Assisted large health care system with benefits and executive compensation issues related to acquisition of for-profit nursing home operator.
  • Assisted publicly traded manufacturing with numerous bargaining units consolidate its defined benefit pension and 401(k) savings plans.
  • Prepared profits interest plan for key employees of group of mortgage services firms organized as LLCs.