Technology is changing the way business operates at an exponential rate. We know where your enterprise has been and how it’s evolving. We understand the pressures of visioning, applying, and managing the disruption caused by continual technological pressure. As the law races to catch up, we stand ready to assist you. 

Our team helps clients navigate the business, technical, and legal concerns involved in creating, licensing, and financing evolving technology. We are able to anticipate—and harness—the challenges and benefits of new technology to protect our clients’ interests.

Using a practical, entrepreneurial approach, we ensure that technology development and deployment is seamless and effective in pursuit of our clients’ larger goals. A broad range of organizations rely on us to facilitate website compliance and the preparation of licensing, data processing, and developer agreements.

With attacks on companies’ data on the rise, we help our clients keep their most sensitive data secure. We work closely with clients looking to comply with developing privacy laws, including the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation, and help them develop cyber liability insurance programs. When breaches do occur, we respond swiftly and appropriately so business interests remain secure in a shifting technological landscape.

Our Clients

  • Manufacturing companies that incorporate advanced technology into traditional business systems and contracting
  • Companies engaged in data management and protection strategies
  • Technology startups
  • Companies engaging software developers, digital agencies, web designers, and media promoters

Our Services

  • Developing website policies, including terms of use, terms of service, and privacy
  • Creating agreements that clearly describe the critical deliverables, testing, deployment, acceptance, and support phases of projects in which technology is a critical component
  • Developing privacy and terms of usage agreements for digital companies
  • Negotiation of venture capital investment documentation for technology companies
  • Advising on legal, practical, and security issues that arise from cloud computing
  • AI technology
  • Software as a service (SaaS) agreements
  • Blockchain
  • Computer hacking, ransomware, data breach, privacy, and security
  • Data licenses
  • Digital media
  • E-discovery
  • Identity theft
  • Internet, including e-commerce and information websites
  • Online promotions, sweepstakes, and contests
  • Outsourcing, including data and privacy
  • Social media
  • Software, hardware, and technology licensing
  • Software, hardware, and technology performance disputes
  • Technology implementation projects
  • Technology merger and acquisition-specific issues