Cannabis Law and Policy

Federal and State laws and policies concerning both medical and recreational use of  cannabis are changing rapidly.  Many states, including Florida and Ohio, have legalized cannabis for medical use and efforts to legalize its recreational use are gaining ground.  This emerging area of law and policy brings unprecedented legal issues to the forefront.  Businesses, employers and entrepreneurs need skilled counsel who are able to help them navigate the matrix of state laws layered with federal laws and regulations in this developing area.  Shumaker can help.

Our lawyers advise clients in business, health care, agriculture and other industries on the developing cannabis laws from a variety of legal perspectives.  Whatever your industry, whatever your business, and wherever you operate, you need to understand how the evolving landscape of these laws will impact you.  We understand and monitor the developments in cannabis laws and policies across the country, and know the interplay between these laws and current Federal regulations.

If having a seat at the table as this regulatory field evolves is important to your business, our policy group – Shumaker Advisors – works with legislators, regulators and government entities that have a stake in regulating the use of cannabis.  We can help you advocate for your interests and ensure your voice is heard as the tide is shifting on this issue.

What Makes Us Different

The long term market, legal and social trends suggest that legal use of medical cannabis is here to stay.  Understanding its full impact on businesses, employers, health care providers and other organizations can be a confusing process.  We take a team approach in advising clients and include advice based on the totality of the client’s perspective and needs.  For example, an employer may need employment law, workers’ compensation law, health law and criminal law advice to be coordinated and provided in a manner that is useful and efficient for that employer’s needs.  Alternatively, an agribusiness client may need to understand the legal risks concerning medical cannabis to allow the client to negotiate and prepare a legal contract.  Further, Shumaker has criminal defense counsel to assist our civil business clients in understanding the risk of Federal criminal penalties that may conflict with State law.

Our Clients

Our clients include entrepreneurs, employers, health care providers, and potential growers and dispensers where the use of cannabis for medicinal purposes or other uses has become legal under State and/or local law.  For health care providers, we advise them on prescribing, dispensing or treating patients.  For employers, we offer advice on revising their company drug policies and disability laws regarding employee’s use of cannabis in states where cannabis use is legally permitted by law.  For entrepreneurs, we advise our clients related to the risks involved in undertaking a business which hinges on developing laws in order to assess legal business opportunities.

Why You Benefit

This collaborative strategy and comprehensive approach offers clients insightful and effective guidance through the myriad of issues in this emerging area of law.  Whether you are an employer or business managing your potential risk, a health care provider treating patients or an entrepreneur looking to navigate these complex regulations, our team can help.